Vision Mission Values Go-o-o-oal!


At Tayo, we think small.

This is how we stay close to our customers and close to our product. Take our Great Gumbo! for example. We don't outsource our manufacturing and, because of that, we don't produce as much as other companies do. And that is just fine with us. 

We promote and support like-minded, small batch producers. We want to know our associates, how they do business, and how they ensure a high quality product for their customer. We partner with business owners who, through their products and services, encourage and support community, relationships, and communication that develop around the dining table. We love it when they prioritize a supply chain of American products and services. And we are head-over-heels with partners who are passionate about what they do!


TAYO, the company


That everyone would have access to nutritious foods. We're not saying it has to be gourmet, but good quality food products with high nutritional value don't have to be expensive. 


To be an example of how a small batch food manufacturer can make healthy food available at an affordable price.


Quality over quantity. Quality over profit. Quality of life. 

We also like fun and we get a kick out of telling people about other products and services that we think are cool and neat!

TAYO Great Gumbo!


We want everyone to have at least one jar of Tayo Great Gumbo in their cabinet or pantry at all times!