About Our Gumbo

Tayo Great Gumbo! is a quick, easy, and healthy option for a family dinner, a potluck, or when friends come over. We've done the hard work by preparing all the base ingredients you need to make a gourmet-quality gumbo. It's as simple as boiling water and then adding Tayo Great Gumbo! You can prepare a traditional dish with meats like chicken and sausage, you can serve it up seafood style, and even make it vegan. It tastes amazing whichever way you fix it.

Roux is the most important ingredient in gumbo. It’s also the most time consuming and easy to overcook or burn. Tayo Great Gumbo! cuts the prep time in half while maintaining the dark, rich flavor of homemade roux. And best of all our roux is made without oil or oil-based products. 

Tayo Great Gumbo! uses all natural, organic ingredients. There are no preservatives added, and you choose the quality meats and vegetables that go into it. Do you have a lot of people to feed? One jar of Tayo Great Gumbo will yield 15-20 healthy servings.

If you are interested in finding out more about Tayo Great Gumbo!, please visit our Contact Us page.